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This is a resource page for partners


Artist illustrations and logo files shared are the property of JTMUSES, a registered entity and the documents on this website are confidential and should not be made public or shared with outside parties, except for relevant material and component suppliers. 


中文: 此乃是机密文件,除了有关供应商及其他相关部门外,不得公开或分享予任何第三方人士及机构.

The supplier (Deta (Dongguan Arts & Crafts. Co., Ltd may not use Jtmuses’s product design files, technical specifications, artwork, graphical files or brand name to manufacture products for its own sales, or for other customers (domestic or international).

previous sample corrections

waiting for photography
retro apron-bernie.png
The wings collection A5 card- F.jpg

retro apron


custom digital printed stripes  and logo 185gsm twill  cotton on whole apron  + digital printed fruits on neck straps and waist straps (SAME DIRECTION)  + fix size digital printed pocket with lace pleated edge finish

issues to fix- pdf of errors given on 3rd July 2020
joining of pockets - need a serged seam finish to prevent raveling
strap endings: not folded in

1.LABEL - Made in China. 100% cotton
Wash with cold water on gentle cycle & tumble dry low
Do not bleach or run through a hot dryer

please advise where it will be attached

5. Please advise PICK-UP address for freight forwarder? your port for freight forwarder, your factory address?

6. Please advise if non-nationals can come to your factory for inspection and pick up? during this Covid19 lock down.

7. will advise destination warehouse in USA - California - most likely 24300 Nandina Ave, Moreno Valley, California 92551

see appended image

ZIP-LOCK BAG WITH HOLES - please see amazon requirements:
must have a suffocation warning must be printed: The thickness of the bag must be at least 1.5 mil (thousandth of an inch). ... Poly bags with a 5-inch opening or larger (measured when flat) are required to have a suffocation warning, either printed on the bag itself or attached as a label. Failure to apply a suffocation warning may lead to the items being re-bagged.

do you have better quality ziplock bags?

SUFFOCATION WARNING: Printed on the side without the 1.5" flap. "WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from babies and children. Do not use in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens. This bag is not a toy. Discard bag and any other packing materials immediately after removing product."

3. FREIGHT  FORWARDING details needed

Q: items A, B, C, D - To advise
Amazon states that polybags must be semi-transparent. Scannable ASIN WILL BE PDFED TO YOU FOR PRIINTING ON LABELS

Box labels for carton ALSO needed 


as per Rebecca's excel sheet quote

  • A. Total number of cartons: total 10 cartons for 500 pcs apron

  • B. Carton Size: 37*37*37cm

  • C. gross weight per carton: 13kg

  • D Packing details : 50pcs retro apron into one carton,



Destination details

delivery to amazon fba warehouse2.jpg

2a: Artworks for ziplock semi-transparent bag (30 x 35 cm) / A5 Cards (front and back - u can download these pictures) - 

Q: ziplock bag ease advise if 30 x 35 cm is ok as per yr sample sent  and if text can be printed on one or 2 sides?

4. cards to be placed in ziplock bag

1000 cards to be of same design
A5 size: 148mm X 210mm as per your quote



total 10cartons for 500 pair glove

50 pair silicone glove into one carton,

carton size 38*37*50cm,

gross weight 16kgs per carton

please advise the above again if packaging is in ziplock bags only. 

oven mitts -issue.jpg


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