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Hidden Valley Resort


Discover Glamping at The Hidden Valley Resort, Shangri-la

To come to fabled Shangri-la is to leave the worries of the world behind. A place from which to explore the mysteries of the Far East and to find the inspiration behind James Hilton’s book, the story of Lost Horizon. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, it offers awe-inspiring views and experiences within a natural paradise where “being” is more compelling than “doing”.

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Fact Sheet

April 2019

Location – Luxury in the Clouds

Launching in April 2019, this 7-hectare resort is Shangri-la’s first glamping resort for seasoned travellers and families that want something different. Just 20 minutes from Diqing Shangri-la Airport and a short distance from Old Town Shangri-la, where you can stroll through quaint cobblestoned streets and traditional Tibetan buildings. Also lies within a rustic Tibetan village. This farmland has 38 families and is at the end of a beautiful valley.

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Harvest by Matcha Republic

 Editor for online content

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We are your personal tea sommelier
for Japan’s premium teas.

We serve the highest quality of Japanese teas 
that improve one's health and quality of life.

harvest  by Matcha Republica cares about the land and the hands that nurture it. 

We collaborate with farmers that employ sustainable care on the land that is "environment friendly and health friendly" for purer flavours.  Caring for our environment is a must to produce the highest quality tea - they are inseparable.

We believe in planting good seeds and growing together with all our partners –the farmers who toil the land, the tea community we’re humbly part of, our business partners who share their wisdom with us and most especially our customers who support sustainable trade. 

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Alila Live


Editor for online content

A unique lifestyle and investment


Set dramatically on limestone cliffs along the southern coastline of Bali with clear views overlooking the Indian Ocean, Alila Villas Uluwatu lies very close to Bali’s famous Uluwatu Temple and is just 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. This residential villa and hotel development will also include five-star resort facilities, offering an unparalleled lifestyle experience, and an exceptional investment opportunity with individual villas available for sale.



The long-term investment value of villa ownership is supported by the fact that Alila Villas Uluwatu is offered with a “Hak Guna Bangunan” or “Right to Build” land title, probably the best available title for foreign ownership. In addition, the turnkey contractor for the project is Indonesia’s reputable and very experienced PT Hutama Karya, whose extensive portfolio includes Begawan Giri, Amanjiwo and Alila Manggis.


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Nov 20019

Nikki Beach seduces
Riviera Porto Arabia, Doha


Around the world, Nikki Beach Club is seducing the uber cool and ultra rich by creating that alluring frisson of hedonism in ocean-lapped locales along with prices to keep the hoi polloi well at bay.

It’s a formula combining laid back with deluxe that the father and son duo of Jack and Mike Penrod have perfected over the past years. In 1997, Nikki Beach introduced the world to the ultimate beach club concept bringing dining, fashion, music and entertainment together, earning the title as “The Sexiest Place on Earth,” as quoted by the notable London Observer.


Over a decade later, Nikki Beach continues to make its mark in the world’s hottest addresses and trendsetting locales, recently claiming the #1 spot in Travel Channel’s World’s Sexiest Beach Bars...

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