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HOW TO WRITE GREAT HEADLINES that won't get ignored (10-point checklist)

The headline is the content! & you want to create irresistible intrigue! Winning that click depends on the headline, more than anything else. It’s impossible to overstate their importance.

People read headlines 5x more than body content

-David Ogilvy

Download my free e-book which I compiled from various resources for your easy reference:-

10 Tips for Writing Great Headlines
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When I entered the public sector, I learned many useful frameworks to strategise content from simple emails to letters, speeches and various concept papers. As a communications and marketinghead in the Institute for Adult Learning and Esplanade, I had to imbibe and apply tried and tested tools and systems in the projects I oversaw. I found them useful in framing and mind mapping ideas and I hope these free resources will be of value to you.

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